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Event Theming

NJ Key Club 2016

Developing a multimedia secret agent theme for the New Jersey Key Club's 2016 District Convention, "DCON"

A still from the NJ DCON 2016 trailer—I did screen replacement in After Effects to make it look like DCON took over Times Square.

In the 2015-2016 school year, I had the honor to serve on the New Jersey District Board for Key Club, an international, student-led community service and leadership organization.

Every year, the New Jersey District Board organizes a District Convention (DCON) to celebrate a successful year of service and recognize the contributions of Key Club members in New Jersey. Each convention has a theme—DCON 2016's was License to Serve, inspired by James Bond films.

I led the Theme Committee through shaping the theme and working with other committees to implement it across the convention.


To ensure a uniform look across convention materials, I designed a logo and established a standard set of fonts and colors to create a DCON 2016 Brand Guide.

DCON 2016 Branding

DCON 2016 Brand Guide

DCON 2016 Logo

DCON 2016 Logo

Because 2016 marked the 70th annual DCON, we reordered the digits in the James Bond 007 logo to 070, for 70th. The 7 is also styled as a key for Key Club.


I designed two official DCON posters. For the first one, I photographed each District Board member in a backlit setting and edited the photos in Photoshop to create individual profile pictures. Later, I compiled all the backlit photos into one large poster with everyone.

Backlit poster

Poster 1: Backlit poster

The second one features the district mascot, Tito the Tomato, in the James Bond gunbarrel.

Tito the tomato poster

Poster 2: Tito the Tomato poster

Social Media

Facebook Cover Photo

I created a Facebook cover photo to be posted on alongside the backlit Facebook profile pictures. This note from "M" contains the convention date and location—it's also the same note used in the event trailer (see below).

Facebook cover photo

Cover photo for the NJ Key Club Facebook page

Instagram Countdown

Using Photoshop, I brought in some smoke to the backlit portraits, and then added text and the DCON logo to turn them into countdown posts. We posted one photo a day on the @njkeyclub Instagram to engage followers in the days counting down to DCON 2016.

Countdown: 5 Countdown: 4 Countdown: 3

Countdown: 2 Countdown: 1 Countdown: 0

Countdown to DCON 2016 on @njkeyclub

Trailer Video

What's a secret agent theme without a secret agent movie trailer? To publicize the convention, we created a video in the style of an action film trailer.

In the video, "James Bond" sits in a coffee shop, looking at a note from "M" with a mysterious date, time, and location. (This is the same note as in the Facebook cover photo above.)

He gets a call from "Q", who tells Bond that he needs to report to HQ immediately. While Bond rushes to get to headquarters, Q fills him in on the details of DCON. Along the way, Bond realizes he's being watched by an unnamed villain, who hacks into the video feed at the end.

NJ DCON 2016 Trailer

I helped with camerawork, adding VFX in After Effects, and editing the final video in Premiere Pro.

The VFX work included screen replacement (replacing a phone screen with Q's video call at 0:07 and projecting the DCON logo onto Times Square screens at 0:11), and chroma keying (simulating a chase between cars that were actually parked, at 0:30).

Website and Live Page

To gather all convention information in one place, I created the NJ DCON 2016 website. I named it the Agent Portal and styled it accordingly. The homepage features an opening animation that types out, "Dear Agent of Service, you have been invited to attend..." before showing the convention name, date, and location.


DCON 2016 Website homepage

During the convention, I also released a Live Page for attendees to view a current schedule of events, an #njkeyclub Twitter feed, and an interactive Spirit Stick Poll. I built the page using AngularJS.

Live page and spirit poll

DCON 2016 Website Live Page, including the Spirit Stick Poll

The Spirit Stick Poll allows members to show spirit for their division (Key Club-defined region of New Jersey) by voting online. The division with the most votes, as well as in-person spirit measured by cheering during events, is awarded the Spirit Stick at the end of the convention.


In addition to the publicity materials above, the District Board incorporated the theme into event names, convention decorations, signage, scripts, workshops and more. It was incredibly rewarding watching the convention come together and seeing how many people it reached. Over 500 students and club advisors attended DCON 2016, and over 1000 people follow NJ Key Club on social media!

It was while working on DCON 2016 that realized I enjoyed designing experiences—especially themed experiences. I liked the creative challenge of coming up with elements of the experience—every member is an Agent of Service reporting for duty—as well as the technical challenge of using various tools to implement them, from Photoshop for the posters and After Effects for the trailer to Javascript for the Agent Portal. I hope I'll get the chance to create more themed experiences in the future.

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