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Event Branding

Muses 30th Anniversary

Event branding for the MIT Muses' 30th Anniversary Reunion.

Muses of past and present gathering at our 30th Anniversary Reunion.

The year 2018 marked the 30th anniversary of the founding of my a cappella group, the MIT Muses. To celebrate, we planned out a weekend of fun activities and invited our alumnae to join us for a special edition concert.

We had Muses alumnae spanning MIT class years from 1991 through 2018 in attendance! Here's a look into some of the design work I did for the event.


We wanted our event to look clean and playful, while staying consistent with our group's official color, Muses Purple #720b54, and font, Josefin Sans.

After some exploration, I put together this brand guide with pastel shades of purple, pink, and blue, with sprinkled geometric elements that resemble confetti.

Muses 30th Branding

A brand guide for the Muses 30th Anniversary Reunion

Digital Invitation

Our alumnae probably get a hundred emails in a day — I wanted our reunion invitation to stand out! To complement our emails to our alumnae, I created a custom digital invitation in the form of a webpage, which shares information about the reunion and also what our group has been up to in recent years.

Reunion invitation

Digital reunion invitation, as a webpage

As a fun bonus, I wrote Javascript to randomly generate "confetti" in the background upon each page load. Try refreshing the page a few times and watch the confetti float down!

Open Webpage

Day-of Schedule

At check-in, each alumna received a gift bag with a hard copy of the weekend's schedule and a map of locations.

Booklet cover Booklet inside

A day-of pamphlet listing activities for the weekend


Among the collectibles in each gift bag were stickers! Here's a custom sticker we designed for the 30th anniversary.

Muses 30th Sticker

A custom Muses sticker in style of a vinyl record


I also created an animated version of the sticker in After Effects to promote our 30th anniversary on social media!

Muses 30th Animation

An animated version of the sticker


Organizing a reunion weekend meant putting in many additional hours of work on top of normal rehearsal commitments, and it was definitely worth it. We got the chance to meet our group's founding members—the women who were there in the very beginning—and learn about our group's rich history. Many Muses alumnae also brought their families! It was overall a fun-filled, musical weekend for everyone.

Muses 30th Everyone

Muses 30th Anniversary group picture
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